6 years ago

UWM Safety Mission Continues; 40 Arrested Over Weekend

The Milwaukee Police/UWM Police mission to keep students safe and neighborhoods free from crime and disorder continued this past weekend.

Of a total of 40 people that were arrested, 26 are UWM students. A total of 49 individual charges were issued to the 40 people  for the following offenses:

  • Possession of alcohol by underage – 32
  • Excessive noise – 9
  • Disorderly conduct- 4
  • Public drinking- 2
  • Obstructing- 1
  • Vandalism- 1

A repeat offender, William C. Guenthner, 20,  was arrested on the deployment from September 8, 2012, as well as during this weekend’s effort.  Those arrested are brought down to police headquarters, booked, fingerprinted and in most cases, released with a citation. Police are sending a strong message to the community that this enforcement mission will not only help rid the neighborhoods of crime and disorder, but also creates an awareness by the student population that intoxicated persons frequently become the victims of violent crime.

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