6 years ago

UPDATE: Man Who Assaulted Women on Jogging Trail Arrested

Milwaukee Police have arrested a man believed to have assaulted a woman on the Oak Leaf Trail off of Lincoln Memorial Drive on November 14, 2012. Additionally, detectives are looking into several reports of assaults that occcurred before the incident Wednesday but that were not reported to police until after the suspect’s information was shared publicly over social media, print and broadcast.

Because we do not want to jeopardize the investigation, which includes line-ups  involving the suspect, we are not releasing additional details at this time. It would be detrimental to the prosecution of this case if the suspect’s mug shot and/or name were to be made public at this time.  On Sunday, Milwaukee Police informed the public that the suspect was in custody. When we have additional details to release on this case, we will post them here so the community and the media can be informed.

We have reason to believe there could be additional victims who have not reported their information to the police. We ask those women to please call us at 414-935-7405 and share any information they may have about their encounter with the suspect.

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