6 years ago

UPDATE: 30 Students Arrested After School Fight

Milwaukee Police were called to a large fight at Bay View High School this morning at 8:53 a.m.

Upon the squads’ arrival numerous students were fighting, yelling and being profane and offensive. MPS security attempted to clear the cafeteria and the fighting and disorderly conduct continued. The students were resistive to MPS safety personnel, teachers and MPD requests to cease the disorderly conduct.

22 MPD squads with 29 police officers responded to restore order.

Arrests are as follows:

Eight adults ranging in age from 17-19 were arrested and transported to D6 where they each received a Disorderly Conduct (DC) citation.

20 juveniles ranging in age from 13-16 were arrested and transported to D6 where they each received a DC citation.

Two 11-year-old students were arrested and taken from Bay View High School and transported to D6 by MPD personnel. Their parents were called at the school before they were transported to D6. The 11-year-olds were released to their parents at D6.

No serious injuries requiring hospitalization or off site medical treatment occurred to MPS staff, MPD personnel or MPS students. One child, non-arrestee, was treated for an Asthma attack.

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