6 years ago

Trick or Treat Safely!

Trick or Treat in the city of Milwaukee is set for Sunday October 28, 2012 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

 The Milwaukee Police Department advises drivers to slow down in residential neighborhoods and obey all traffic signs and signals, and to please watch for children walking during Trick or Treat hours.

 MPD advises parents:

  •  An adult should supervise the Trick or Treat outing for children.
  • Little ghosts and goblins should Trick or Treat in familiar areas and should never enter homes.
  • Youngsters should not eat any treats until inspected by an adult.
  • When designing or purchasing costumes keep safety in mind.
  • Consider makeup instead of masks so that a child’s vision is not blocked.
  • Costumes should fit properly so they are not a tripping hazard.
  • Costumes should be warm enough for weather conditions.
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