6 years ago

Teamwork puts puzzle together, clearing burglaries

Saturday night while on patrol in District 7, Officers Tiffany Wunder and Alan Carsky conducted a traffic stop near W. Hampton and N. Teutonia Avenues. Upon approaching the yellow Ford Crown Victoria, the officers observed a large flat screen television in the back seat along with other electronics and personal property.

In the vehicle were two 18 year olds, one of whom had four open cases for burglary.

Earlier in the evening District 2 Officer Dayon Ninkovic took a buglary complant in the 2100 block of South 7th Street. The items in the car matched the description of the items taken from that home. The owner was able to identify everything that was taken from his home and his property was returned to him.

Great teamwork across district lines solved this burglary, along with four others, and returned stolen property to the rightful owner.

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