Teamwork Makes Good Police Work in D7 With Arrest of Burglars, Robbers

August 1st, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

Some heads-up police work in District 7 landed two suspects in jail for burglary and robbery.

On July 3, 2012, at 5:45 p.m., squads were dispatched to the 3200 block of North 41st Street for an entry in progress at a home on that block.

District 7 Sgt. Rodney Washington arrived along with District 7 Officers Scott Davis, Andrew Farina, Nicholas Federer, Joseph Newell, Matthew Kaltenbrun, James Sommer, Ryan Rediske, Adam Dettman, Logan Jeffery, Telly Kemos and Michelle Farney.

As officers arrived, two suspects were coming out of the backyard. Officers chased one man who ran; the other suspect stayed behind and was arrested, as was the other suspect who officers caught up with after a brief foot chase.

Officers recovered stolen property in the backyard, including a flat-screen TV and two suitcases filled with other items from the residence.

When officers were searching one of the suspects, they found he had items from the victim’s home inside of his pockets. He had the victim’s driver’s license, prescription drugs and watch in his pants pocket. The suspect also had keys in his pocket that belonged to a Toyota. Officers searched the area and located the car in the 3300 block of North 42nd Street. Officers were at the vehicle when the victim of an armed robbery from the 4200 block of West Concordia Avenue approached them. The victim related to the officers that her key was taken in a robbery on July 2, 2012, and she gave them a description of one of the suspects the officers had just taken into custody.

Both suspects matched the description in the robbery and were identified. All the responding officers worked together to clear not only the burglary, but the armed robbery before. Great teamwork in District 7.





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