5 years ago

ShotSpotter Technology Leads to Arrest

Officers from District Three of the Milwaukee Police Department use ShotSpotter technology to locate a suspect who fired a gun in a north side Milwaukee neighborhood. The ShotSpotter system detected a shot being fired around 8:10 pm on February 18. As officers arrived on the scene, they noticed the suspect placing an object in the snow. Upon further inspection, officers found the .22 caliber gun in the snow as well as a box of ammunition in the suspect’s car. The suspect, 24-year-old Victor A. Spinks Jr. of Milwaukee, was taken into custody and has been charged by the Milwaukee County District Attorney with one count of Endangering Safety by Use of a Dangerous Weapon.

A system of sensors that documents and verifies the sound and location of gunfire makes up ShotSpotter. It is currently used in a three square mile area in Milwaukee with hopes to soon expand it to an even larger area.

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