6 years ago

Sensitive Crimes Detectives Bring Child Abuse Suspect to Justice

On Friday, October 19, 2012, Jayden Banda, a 5-year old victim of horrendous child abuse, was presented at St Francis Hospital in a pulseless, non-breathing state by his mother. The victim’s body was covered in bruises. His heartbeat was restored and he was soon transferred to Children’s Hospital in critical condition. A few days later, the child succumbed to serious internal injuries and died.

Because it was immediately believed that the child would likely die, the early investigation of this case by Sensitive Crimes Division personnel was critically important to the criminal prosecution. Moreover, the circumstances made the investigation particularly challenging. Despite the challenges, Sensitive Crimes Division investigators obtained critical evidence, arrested both suspects, and located the scene of the crime within hours.

Specifically, Detective Gerlin Dunn responded to St Francis Hospital and later to the victim’s residence. She obtained important statements from witnesses and video evidence related to the crime that was all critical to the establishment of probable cause for the arrest of both suspects.

Detective Tammy Tramel-McClain responded to Children’s Hospital, where she was faced with the challenge of dealing with the deceptive mother while the mother’s boyfriend (the second suspect) was somewhere on the vast hospital grounds. Detective Tramel-McClain coordinated the efforts of uniformed back-up and hospital security. She soon had both suspects in custody.

Detective Jon Charles  interviewed the victim’s mother soon after her arrival at Central Booking. His skilled interviewing techniques resulted in his securing consent to search the victim’s home. He immediately searched the home and recovered important physical evidence. Detective Charles then offered a thorough and complete briefing to SCD Day Shift personnel that allowed for the seamless pursuit of the investigation.

The efforts of these highly skilled investigators ensured that the individuals responsible for this horrible crime will be held accountable for their actions. Sensitive Crimes Detectives routinely demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism despite the emotional toll these investigations take on all those involved. We are grateful for their service and we salute their efforts.

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