Police Week 2012: Harbor Patrol Officer Floats Our Boat!

May 16th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

At Tuesday night’s Milwaukee Police Merit Awards Ceremony, Police Officer Nicole M. Gengler received an award for Excellence in Police Service for her commitment to a highly visible MPD unit – the Harbor Patrol.

The Harbor Patrol seeks to reduce crime, fear and disorder on the city’s waterways. Police boats are frequently called upon to address violations of navigational rules and the ever-increasing boat traffic on the city’s river system.

Police Officer Nicole M. Gengler found herself answering citizen complaints about boats improperly docked or abandoned at public docks. No law existed prohibiting this activity, so Officer Gengler took the initiative to contact Alderman Robert Bauman, who was directly affected by the problem. She assisted him in developing an ordinance to address this ongoing issue. In late 2011, the Common Council passed two new ordinances to address these boating violations. During the boating season last year, Officer Gengler generated 18 percent of all Harbor Patrol activity – all while earning a Coast Guard Captain’s license.

Officer Gengler takes initiative every day, so thank her by giving a wave to the Milwaukee Police Boat when it goes by – and give a shoutout to Nicole Gengler! We are proud to call her a Milwaukee Police Officer.


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