6 years ago

Police Aide’s Heroism Off-duty Saves a Life

Police Aide Alberto Figueroa had just finished his tour of duty at District 7 on Nov. 1 and was on his way home when he observed a subject climbing onto the Lloyd St. bridge over Hwy 41 at N. 47th St.

PA Figueroa engaged the subject in dialogue and learned that the subject was suicidal. The subject told PA Figueroa that he was going to walk to the middle of the bridge and presumably commit suicide by jumping off.  The subject was on the outside of the fence on the bridge and was standing on a 6-inch ledge.

PA Figueroa parked his personal vehicle and approached the subject from the other side of the fence. PA Figueroa then grabbed onto the subject’s jacket through the fence in an attempt to keep him from jumping. PA Figueroa then used his cell phone to call 911 and requested assistance from on-duty personnel, while still maintaining dialogue with the suicidal subject and continuing to hold onto his jacket. Several officers responded to the scene to assist.  District 3 P.O. Hector Claudio then climbed onto the 6-inch ledge that the subject was standing on and took hold of the subject’s clothing to prevent him from jumping. P.O. Claudio also began a dialogue with the subject, who made several more suicidal statements and refused to come off the ledge.

The subject physically let go of the fence and leaned backwards a number of times, but was prevented from falling by P.O. Claudio, PA Figueroa and other officers. MFD responded to the scene and set up a ladder but the subject refused to get on it and continued to refuse to get off the ledge. The subject just kept asking officers to leave so he could jump. MFD personnel then were able to take control of the subject and pull him down the ladder to safety. Family members related that the subject had been very depressed lately and was suffering from mental issues. The subject was conveyed to MCMH for evaluation but was not injured in the incident.

PA Figueroa and P.O. Claudio”s quick thinking and actions prevented the subject from harming himself and stopped the subject from getting farther across the bridge and jumping. PA Figueroa’s off-duty intervention facilitated the quick arrival of on-duty personnel and a peaceful resolution to the situation.

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