6 years ago

Officers Return to Shooting Scene for Cookout – On Them!

This is the story MPD Tactical Enforcement Unit Officers tried to keep a secret.

After responding to a triple shooting in the 2400 block of N. 38th St. earlier this week – in one of the city’s most challenged neighborhoods – TEU officers were struck by how many children and families were living in fear.

The officers pooled their money and on Saturday, June 16, they returned to that neighborhood with food for a cookout and toys for the children. From 11 a.m. –  2 p.m., officers cooked on the grill for residents and played games with the children with the new toys they purchased. They brought the Bearcat armored vehicle and let the kids climb on it and get a closeup view of their equipment.

The officers wanted no publicity for the event, sincerely just wanting to share with residents and to show them that Milwaukee Police are standing with them in the fight to reclaim their streets and their public spaces.

Thanks to the members of the Tactical Enforcement Unit for showing the community that news stories and rumors don’t tell the whole story of the work the men and women of the Milwaukee Police Department are doing.

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