Officers Keep Victims, Witnesses Safe Through Trial

August 1st, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

The following story is taken from a correspondence sent to District 2 supervisors after a jury recently convicted Thomas Kropp of aggravated battery with the intent to cause great bodily harm.

Kropp viciously beat a known subject and has 25 prior convictions. He was just off extended supervision when the crime occurred. Kropp had tried to coerce the witness and victim on the case. The District Attorney’s victim witness personnel believed he would have retaliated against both in a violent fashion had he not been convicted. Here, we quote from a letter sent by the victim witness unit of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office in commendation of District 2 Police Officers Gregory Colker and Joseph Coombs.

“Without the dedicated response our office received from these two fine officers, Mr. Kropp would have gone free. With only one phone call each time, their squad sought to help us contact the victim, who was without phone service.

“They made sure a flighty and elusive witness was in court. Officer testimony in court was professional and handled with the kind of deftness that makes sure the truth is revealed to the jury, despite the machinations of the defense attorney.

“Had these officers not done their job so willingly and well, hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in bringing Mr. Kropp to justice would have been wasted. A very dangerous criminal would have walked, and two people would probably be hurt or dead. Maybe others would say what they did was mundane or easy; certainly it was part of the job. But we all recognize people who help enthusiastically and take the kind of care in their work that makes everyone else’s efforts pay off. For this we commend them. I hope you will too.”

We do. And we’re proud to share this story with our readers here on The Source.





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