Officers Follow Map for Success in Catching Armed Robber

August 5th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

Some good police work from District 5 that illustrates how officers solve crime:

Each day, a map is developed to highlight violent crimes in District 5 and it serves as a method for which to deploy  proactive squads. During his roll call briefing on July 30, 2012, District 5 Sergeant Adam Zieger discussed the deployments and provided his officers with the map for their reference. Sergeant Zieger specifically noted a series of armed robberies in the area surrounding N. 9th Street and W. Ring that shared similar suspect descriptions and time frame. Sergeant Zieger designated this area of patrol to District 5 bicycle Officers Chauncey Harris, Michael Walker and Timothy Gauerke.

Within a short time of being in the area, the officers’ attention was drawn to an occupied motor vehicle, which fled upon approach by the officers. Several additional squads responded and a foot pursuit also ensued and the suspect was taken into custody. Immediately following the foot pursuit, an armed robbery was broadcast as having occurred at a business in the area of N. 9th and W. Ring, approximately one block from their foot pursuit.

District 5 Officer Robert Watts was the investigating officer and with the assistance of other officers, developed leads that positively identified one suspect as being involved in the robbery. It was also learned that this same suspect fled from uniformed officers one day prior when they arrived at his residence to conduct a home visit for his probation/parole supervision status.

In the investigation that followed, the suspect that had been taken into custody had been positively identified as being involved in this robbery, as well as three others in the area.

We commend the officers for their diligent patrol in a “hot spot,” and Officers Blaine Grabowski and Michael Washington who found the subject fleeing from officers in the yard. Several other officers were able to provide information that positively linked these suspects and conduct follow-up to ensure a successful prosecution. This is a great example of the teamwork on display each day at District 5 and throughout the Milwaukee Police Department, of the concentrated enforcement efforts by officers.

We also commend District 4 officers for their efforts. On July 31, 2012, District 4 officers were able to take the at-large suspect into custody during a foot pursuit. Those officers also recovered the weapon used in the armed robbery offenses.


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