6 years ago

Officer Uses Deadly Force When Attacked by Dog

A local television station ran a story last night about an officer who had to use deadly force when his safety was threatened when he was charged by a large dog. Below are the facts of the call that brought the officer to the home.

A Milwaukee Police Officer responded at 12:38 a.m. December 3, 2012 to a call from the woman of a “sick or injured person” in the upper unit at a home in the 2300 block of S. 17th St. on November 4. According to computer aided dispatch records, the woman called police and stated a 57-year-old male subject was “sniffing glue or some type of substance.” She stated “she took two tubes from him and he found another one.” She also stated “she does not know what is wrong with him.”

The officer arrived, knocked on the door and announced himself as a Milwaukee Police Officer. He heard the dog barking and retreated to the bottom of the stairs in a very narrow hallway. As the woman opened the door, the officer again announced himself and shouted for her to grab the dog. The dog charged down the stairs, tail down, showing his teeth and growled at the officer, coming straight toward him.

Officers are trained to stop the threat. The officer had no means of escape, and fearing for his safety, discharged his gun until the threat was stopped.

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