6 years ago

Off-duty Officer Proves MPD Never “Off”

Off-duty District 6 Milwaukee Police Officer Phillip Rodriguez and his wife were shopping at the CVS Pharmacy on 27th & Howard on May 13, 2012 about 3 p.m. when he observed suspicious behavior from a male and female subject placing numerous items in previously used shopping bags.

P.O. Rodriguez checked out his items, walked out of the store and waited by his vehicle.  He then observed this couple walk out right behind him.  He knew that they didn’t pay for anything because there were several people in line behind him.  He watched them place the bags in a trunk of a car at which time the female gave the male suspect empty bags.  The subject went back into the store and obtained more items.  As the subjects exited the store, P.O. Rodriguez identified himself as a police officer, detained the subjects and called for backup.

Three subjects were arrested and charged with Felony Retail Theft in connection with the theft of 83 items.

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