Never Off-Duty, MPD Officer Cracks Car Break-In Case

February 11th, 2013 by milwaukeepolice

District One Officer Scott Thorne was off-duty dining at a restaurant in the 2300 block of S. Kinnickinnic Avenue on February 10 when he saw a female suspect attempting to enter autos in a parking lot across the street. He recognized the female as matching the description of a suspect wanted for several entries into autos downtown.

 Officer Thorne followed the female to the parking lot of the Horny Goat Tavern at 1st and Becher St. Officer Thorne parked several rows away from the suspect, who he observed trying several door handles of parked vehicles. While the female was standing by a vehicle, a male suspect walked up to that same vehicle and broke the window. Officer Thorne could see the female reach inside and pull out a bag. The suspects then got into a car and left. Officer Thorne immediately called in on-duty officers while following the suspects. Squads from District 2 arrived quickly and arrested both suspects near S. 9th and W. Arthur.

The female suspect is 33-years-old, and the male is 36-years-old. Officers will work in the coming days to determine if the suspects are responsible for any other break-ins in the area before referring the suspects to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office for possible charges.


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