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International Attention for

The Milwaukee Police Department is proud of the international attention being paid to our Website,

Designed by the advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt in Milwaukee, together with MPD, the site has evolved into an important source of news about public safety in Milwaukee. Milwaukee Police are grateful for the recognition in innovation and in breaking this strategic communication ground for public safety worldwide.  We invite you to read some of the good news here:

Milwaukee May have the coolest Website Ever

Cramer-Krasselt Turns a Government Site Into a Thing of Beauty

 Check Out the Milwaukee Police’s Mind-Blowing, Crime-Busting Site

A Radical Police Rebranding That Starts With A Superb Website

 Milwaukee Unveils the World’s Best-Looking Police Website

 Milwaukee Police GREAT website

 Milwaukee PD Ups The Ante On The Government Website

 Nice One

Best Web design Award is a creative web design

 3 Cool Pieces of Design that Show Websites are still Innovating

 Badge of Honor—The Police Website That Will ARREST YOUR MIND.

Using Social Media to fight crime

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