3 years ago

MPD Update on Lion (July 28)

Milwaukee Police received additional calls in the past two days from citizens who reported seeing a large, wild cat. Officers have investigated each call and have not located the animal.

Milwaukee Police remain committed to protecting the safety of the public and our officers. To that end, MPD has received advice from a variety of animal experts, including those who specialize in large cats. The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources have dedicated resources and are providing assistance.

As the media draws more attention to this story, it also appears that people are willing to take greater risks to find the animal on their own. The public is asked not to endanger themselves and to leave it to wildlife experts to photograph or capture the cat.

It remains a possibility that the cat is an escaped exotic pet and, with all of the media attention, the owner is reluctant to come forward. If this is the case, it is important the owner immediately call Milwaukee Police and provide information that can assist MPD in better protecting the community and the animal.

Finally, media should be aware that not all “Loose Animal” calls on CAD are related to the “lion.” MPD continues to receive and respond to calls for a variety of loose animal (dogs, cats, geese, etc.).


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