6 years ago

MPD Offers Holiday Safety Tips

This is a friendly reminder about some safety tips to help you enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

  • If possible, please try to do your holiday shopping with a friend, as criminals prefer victims who are alone.
  • Remember to park near the store entrance and walk in well-lighted areas when you are shopping.
  • Carry as little cash as possible. Please use credit cards or checks when possible, and store your wallet in an inner pocket of your clothing/jacket (not in your back pocket).
  • Don’t let thieves use your car windows as shopping windows! Do not place valuables where they are visible in your vehicle – use the trunk for new purchases. Also, use caution when walking back to your vehicle by keeping your keys in your hand and staying alert to your surroundings.
  • Check the security of your home. Do not place valuables where they will be visible from your doors or windows. In addition, look into installing sturdy deadbolts on all exterior doors. Make sure you increase occupancy indicators (e.g., increase exterior and/or interior lights, leave your radio or TV on, etc.).

If you have any additional questions about target hardening your residence or about holiday safety tips please contact any of the seven police districts and ask for the Community Liaison Officer. Please call the non-emergency number at 933-4444 if you notice any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

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