6 years ago

MPD Keeps Big Bang, July 4th Festivities Safe

Milwaukee Police kept everyone safe – even when large crowds briefly amassed after the fireworks following the July 3 fireworks on Milwaukee’s lakefront..

Officers were in the area on foot, bicycle, motorcycle and squads to maintain order and deter any potential troublemakers. See photos at this link on our Facebook page from the roll call preceding the evening’s festivities.

Milwaukee Police used a  helicopter from the Air One Emergency Response Coalition in Winthrop Harbor, IL. These helicopters are called upon by agencies who would otherwise not have air support capabilities available. We  used the helicopter to monitor crowd movements and to help keep the egress from the July 3 fireworks a safe event. We also used it on Juneteenth Day to monitor the crowd and to keep that event safe, as well.  All these combined efforts resulted in a safe event at the Lakefront.

As of July 5, there were no reports of any batteries or assaults associated with the egress from the July 3 fireworks.

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