3 years ago

MPD Investigating Burglary Where Suspects Posed as Utility Workers

Milwaukee Police are investigating a January 14 incident where two individuals posing as Milwaukee Water Department workers burglarized a home on Milwaukee’s West Side.

District Seven officers were called to the area of N. 66th Street and W. Chambers Street at about 8:20 p.m. when a 71-year-old woman realized that her home had been burglarized. The victim told officers that at about 2:30 p.m. an unknown man rang her doorbell and said he was with the Water Department. While at the door, the victim noticed another man inside a truck parked on the street. The victim asked for identification but the suspect flashed it so quickly she could not read it. The suspect said he was checking for frozen pipes in the area and went with the woman into her basement to inspect them. After about 15 minutes, the suspect told the victim everything was fine and left the home. A few hours later, the victim noticed money was missing and believes it was stolen by the suspect’s accomplice while she was in the basement with the suspect. The suspect who came to the door is described as a white male, 30-34 years-old, 5’5”-5’6”, 150-160 pounds, a medium to stocky build, and clean shaven. He was wearing a zippered waist-length yellow jacket, a brown baseball cap, brown pants and work gloves.

Anyone with information is asked to call Milwaukee Police District 7 at 414-935-7272.

Milwaukee Department of Public Works has information and tips on how to verify worker identity.


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