MPD Arrests Violent Fugitive after Citizen TV Tip

May 18th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

Two people came into District 5 Thursday to report the whereabouts of Leslie D. McNeil, a wanted fugitive they saw profiled on TV recently.

McNeil is a violent drug dealer with history of possessing weapons, who recently absconded and was known to frequent Milwaukee’s near north side. The good citizens who stopped in District 5 reported to Detective Todd Fischer that they had seen the TV story on Fox 6. One of them saw McNeil enter a house on the north side, then both took the initiative to go to a local library to see the Fox 6 story again to confirm the story and their sighting. Here is the story they saw:

Detective Fischer and Police Officer Kevin Matte assembled a small task force including Sergeant Joe Roberson, Police Officers Daniel Resnick, Damon Wilcox, Timothy McNair, Dennis Justice, David Novak and Jay Rudstrom. 

These highly trained officers worked as a team and arrested McNeil without incident. We commend the citizens who worked with police to keep their neighborhood safe from fear.


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