6 years ago

Missing Person Turns Out To Be Wanted Suspect

On November 17 while on patrol, District 7 Police Officers Alan Brooks and Matthew Carsky saw some individuals loitering in an alley and conducted a field interview of them.

One of the individuals had been reported to police as a missing person. Through the interview of the other individuals Police Officers David Gabbard, Brooks and Carsky were able to develop information on the missing person as a potential actor in an armed robbery. Through questioning the group, officers  recovered the weapon used in the robbery. The subject ultimately confessed and was arrested.

This is an example of the daily police work our officers are engaged in – they know who belongs in the neighborhood and who doesn’t. And when they stop a group of people to talk and conduct a field interview, they never know how it all might turn out. Great work by these District 7 Officers!

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