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Milwaukee Police Report 2012 Crime Stats

The crime rate in Milwaukee in 2012 was essentially unchanged from 2011. There were 289 fewer Part 1 crimes in Milwaukee in 2012, a decrease of about 1% compared to 2011. A significant drop was recorded in robberies, with a 13% decrease or 446 fewer than the previous year. Reductions were also seen in burglaries (4.3%) and theft (4.5%). Violent crime (homicides, rapes, aggravated assaults, and robberies) has declined 16% over the past six years, while property crime (burglary, theft, auto theft, and arson) has declined 22% since 2007. As previously reported, there were five more homicides in 2012 than in 2011.

Aggravated assaults increased 33% in 2012, and contributing to this increase is a 48% rise in domestic violence related assaults. In 2011, the Milwaukee Police Department’s citywide focus on domestic violence led to a collaborative expansion with the District Attorney’s Office and the Sojourner Family Peace Center. This initiative may have contributed to the increase in domestic violence reporting. In fact, in 2012 the Sojourner Family Peace Center reported 5,602 referrals compared to 4,299 in 2011. Despite the increase in aggravated assaults in 2012, Milwaukee has seen a 16% decrease since 2007.

“A 21 percent decrease in crime in Milwaukee over the past five years shows that our community-based, problem-orientated, and data driven policing strategies are having an impact,” said Chief Edward Flynn. “The recent increases in some categories clearly illustrates that work still needs to be done, but I’m encouraged that greater outreach and collaboration in the area of domestic violence prevention may have increased citizen confidence. It appears that this confidence is leading to more reporting.”

The following data prepared by the Milwaukee Police Department’s Office of Management, Analysis and Planning offers greater detail and analysis of crime data from Milwaukee, and comparable cities.

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