3 years ago

Milwaukee Police Receives Accreditation from State Organization

The Milwaukee Police Department received its accreditation status from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG) MPD Chief Edward A. Flynn announced today. Assessors from WILEAG visited MPD in late September and early October to examine the Department including its policy and procedures, management, operation, and support service. The accreditation process was self-initiated by MPD.

The Milwaukee Police Department was required to comply with 235 standards in order to gain accreditation status. The assessment team that visited MPD was comprised of law enforcement officials from peer agencies. The team reviewed written material, interviewed members, visited work locations, and heard public comment about MPD’s work. The WILEAG Board’s assessors completed their review of MPD and reported back to the full Board who decided today the Department would be granted accreditation status.

“I am very proud of the work done by our Inspections Division and the Department as a whole in order to gain WILEAG accreditation,” Flynn said. “This status is a highly prized recognition by law enforcement professionals and signifies that MPD meets the Board’s standards.”

Accreditation status is granted for three years, during which time MPD must submit annual reports to maintain compliance.


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