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Milwaukee Police Investigate Recent Shootings

Milwaukee Police are investigating 19 shootings that have occurred between June 22-28. Milwaukee is not alone – gun violence is on the rise in Chicago, Seattle, St. Paul, San Francisco, Toronto and Madison.

One observation is clear – African-American males between the ages of 16-25 are at greater risk of being the victim of a shooting. Often their age, lifestyle choices and geography are all factors in the victimology.

“We are seeing a youthening of both the offender and the victim in these crimes,” Chief Edward A. Flynn said. “We need help from the community to share the message that violence will not be tolerated. And I know those community members are out there.”

Milwaukee Police are hard at work in the city’s most challenged neighborhoods where officers stand shoulder to shoulder with residents to return the public spaces to them. Police interventions in these areas includes targeted patrols, paying attention to those on parole and probation, conducting nuisance abatement, gang enforcement and significant neighborhood engagement. In the photo below, Chief Flynn talks with residents in the area of 39th & Garfield where there have been recent violent incidents that has people living there on edge.


Following are the shooting incidents that occurred between June 22-28. They are listed by date, time (in military time), hundred block where the incident occurred, age and sex of victim and reason if we are able to list it. There is context to all these incidents; in some, the victims are uncooperative, in others, the victim and suspect are known to each other and they are not random acts.

    •  6/22/2012 21:30 2500 S 9TH ST, 23 y/o male
    •  6/22/2012 21:45 2400 N 37TH ST 24 y/o male shot during argument/fight
    •  6/22/2012 22:20 7000 W CAPITOL DR  24 y/o male shot during robbery
    •  6/23/2012 12:20 2200 N. 39th St. 23 y/o female
    •  6/23/2012 12:35 3100 N 11TH ST 19 y/o female
    •  6/23/2012 22:10 1300 W COTTAGE PL 22 y/o male
    • 6/23/2012 22:20 4700 N 76TH ST 17 y/o male
    •  6/26/2012 19:45 5200 N GREEN BAY AV 22 y/o male
    •  6/26/2012 22:50 3200 N BOOTH ST 15 y/o male
    •  6/27/2012 13:30 2200 W CHAMBERS ST 18 y/o male
    • 6/27/2012 20:25 3000 N 11th LA  48 y/o male
    • 6/27/2012 23:30 5600 N 65TH ST 18 y/o male shot during robbery
    •  6/27/2012 23:45 1500 N 28TH ST – 4 people shot:  21 y/o female, 20, 21, 27 y/o males
    • 6/28/2012 14:41 2900 N 24TH PL  45 y/o female
    • 6/28/2012 21:50 1200 E OKLAHOMA AV  37 y/o male shot during robbery
    • 6/28/2012 23:20 2600 N 51ST ST 22 y/o male shot during robbery

“The law in Wisconsin still makes it far too easy for those who are not adjudicated felons – regardless of criminal history - to possess guns,” Chief Flynn said. “Until the legislature tightens up the law, people will continue shooting each other with impunity.”

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