3 years ago

Milwaukee Police Have Unexpected Dinner Guest on Thanksgiving

Milwaukee Police Officers of District 5 were having a relatively routine night on Thanksgiving evening. Police Officers were on the street patrolling and responding to calls for service. Like any other night, the police station was staffed by police officers at the front desk to assist those who come into the station. Everything was business as usual except for the pot luck dinner that was being gathered in the back office for those who were working on the holiday.

During the evening shift, a man came into the District 5 lobby and stated he was feeling depressed and wanted assistance. The officers recognized that they needed to take him for an evaluation.
In the spirt of the holiday, they had compassion on the man and invited him to their dinner before taking the man for an evaluation. The man gladly accepted and ate Thanksgiving Dinner with the officers of District 5. It was a special Thanksgiving shift for the officers as they not only got to help someone with mental health issues, but also got to provide a holiday meal for a person who needed extra help and care.
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