6 years ago

Merit Awards November 2012: Bay View Sexual Assaults Solved

Following is the good police work that led to a Meritorious Service Award for Police Officer Amy M. Stolowski from the Sensitive Crimes Division. The awards will be presented Wednesday, November 14 at 6 p.m. at the Milwaukee Police Training Academy, 6680 N. Teutonia Ave.

Over a period of several months, a series of sexual assaults occurred in the Bay View area. In the most recent incident, the suspect was identified as a passenger on a Milwaukee County bus traveling south from the downtown area. Police Officer Amy Stolowski of the Sensitive Crimes Division was assigned to the case. She received information that revealed the suspect might be a regular passenger on one of the area’s bus lines. The officers developed a plan to board every bus from each route that passed through the location. Over a period of several hours, Officer Stolowski and her partner searched each bus for the suspect. As they approached the last bus, they observed a suspect who matched the description of the assailant. The suspect was taken into custody and positively identified by the victim.

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