4 years ago

Joint Statement by Hamilton Family and Milwaukee Police Regarding April 30 March to Red Arrow Park

The family of Dontre Hamilton and their attorneys met with Milwaukee Police earlier today to determine an agreed-upon route of march from the Center Street Library to the event being held at Red Arrow Park this afternoon. A permit to occupy public street rights-of-way will be issued, which allows for proper steps to be taken to ensure the safety of marchers and motorists and the necessary rerouting for fire, EMS and other emergency vehicles. During our meeting, a route was established and logistical details of the event were discussed and confirmed. Most importantly, we agreed to jointly issue our mutual expectations to ensure a peaceful, orderly and safe march and event for both participants and other members of the public.

1. The Hamilton family and the Milwaukee Police have no tolerance for dangerous, disruptive or criminal behavior along the route of the march or at the event in Red Arrow Park.

2. March participants will follow the agreed-upon route and will not attempt to alter the route or disrupt traffic along the route.

3. The Hamilton family asked for and received direct contact numbers for Milwaukee Police personnel so that if they and their volunteer route marshals should identify individuals causing a disruption to their march, they will be able to request immediate police intervention.

4. The Milwaukee Police will facilitate both the routed march and the event at Red Arrow Park, and should the need arise, they will address individuals who choose to behave contrary to the laws, the wishes of the Hamilton family, or the parameters of the permit. If necessary, arrests will be made.

5. We expect the march to begin at 3:30 at the Center Street Library and conclude at Red Arrow Park by 5:30pm, with the event at Red Arrow Park concluding by 8:30pm.


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