April 1st, 2014 by milwaukeepolice

APPOINTED: October 1, 1886

DECEASED: December 17, 1908

Patrolman Otto Flieth died on December 17, 1908, of injuries sustained in a crash with a streetcar eight days earlier.

Patrolman Flieth and three other officers were traveling in a horse-drawn police ambulance en route to aid a man who had fallen off a roof. As they approached the intersection of N. 12th Street and W. Galena Street, the driver saw the streetcar approaching from the south at full speed. He tried to turn the corner but the wagon swerved into the fast moving car.

The impact threw the men from their seats. Patrolman Flieth received the worst of the injuries with lacerations above his right eye, a fractured skull and three broken ribs. Some of the injuries may have come from being stepped on by one of the horses. A sergeant received severe lacerations to his scalp and two other patrolmen escaped with cuts and bruises.

Born in Milwaukee on February 5th, 1858, Patrolman Flieth was 51 years old. He served with the Milwaukee Police Department for over 21 years having been appointed on October 1, 1886. He was survived by his wife, a son and five daughters.


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