6 years ago

Four Protesters, One Armed With Gun, Arrested Sunday

A protest Sunday ended in four arrests when protesters became disorderly in the street, impeding traffic at 27th & Wisconsin and refused to move.

About 40-70 people marched in the street without a permit starting at 27th & Wisconsin at 1:30 p.m. They blocked the streets and impeded the flow of traffic, including the crowds at 6th & State who were trying to get to the Bradley Center for an event, creating a hazard. Although the march was unpermitted, Milwaukee Police Officers escorted the marchers for their safety. Officers attempted to speak with the demonstrators along the route, but were ignored.

Demonstrators eventually returned to the area of 27th & Wisconsin where one intoxicated man stood in the middle of the roadway and screamed obscenities at officers. When he refused repeated commands to move out of the street, he was arrested for disorderly conduct. Several others gathered around the man being arrested and blocked the roadway. Three of them were arrested and cited for disorderly conduct Рone of them for disorderly conduct while armed, because he came to the protest armed with a .22 caliber pistol.

Milwaukee Police Officers exhibited great restraint while monitoring this demonstration and they are to be commended.

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