Felon With Firearm Taken Off Street

August 1st, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

Heads-up work by two District 3 Police Officers gets a handgun and the felon who possessed it off the street.

On Thursday, June 28, District 3 Police Officers Jason DeWitt and Ryan DeWitt were conducting patrol activity in an area beset by violent crime in the 2100 block of North 39th Street at about 5 p.m. They observed a known gang member conduct a “security check,” a movement that people who carry guns often conduct to adjust or check a weapon in their waistband to make sure it is still concealed.

The officers stopped their vehicle to address him, and the suspect took unprovoked flight and discarded a handgun from his waistband as he fled. After a brief chase through the neighborhood, they were able to apprehend him and recover the handgun he discarded. The suspect is a felon and confessed to possessing the handgun.

This area has been the site of several shootings, including a homicide, a triple shooting and an incident in which a 12-year-old girl was injured when gunshots penetrated the walls of her home. District 3 officers are standing with the residents as they rid the neighborhood of crime, fear and disorder, together.

And no, the two DeWitt officers aren’t related – they just happen to be squad partners.





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