6 years ago

FBI Releases Audit of MPD Crime Reporting

The final audit report for the Uniform Crime Reporting Quality Assurance Review Audit was released by the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

The Milwaukee Police Department meets all Administrative UCR Guidelines for reporting. MPD’s Group A Offenses, encompassing all Part I Index Crimes, reported an error rate of 3.3 percent, which is less than the state-wide Group A error rate of 4.42 percent. MPD’s Group B Offenses, encompassing public nuisance activities such as Disorderly Conduct, showed an error rate of 17 percent, which is higher than the state-wide Group B error rate of 10.91 percent. The Disorderly Conduct incidents were properly investigated and municipal citations were issued in accordance with state statute and city ordinance. The classification error for these minor incidents is a state-wide issue and not unique to MPD. MPD, policing the 28th largest city and reporting on average 63,000 crimes annually, had rates of classification error consistent with other state and local law enforcement agencies of much smaller size.

Here is a link to the report (WARNING: This is a large file)

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