6 years ago

Investigation into Arrest of Drunken Driver Concludes; Suspect Charged with Fleeing Police

A man who was driving under the influence has been charged with fleeing from Milwaukee Police in a highly publicized arrest on Water Street on April 12, 2012.

Jeffrey R. Strasser also was cited for Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated. The link to the criminal complaint issued by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office today is below:

Criminal Complaint_1 – Strasser, Jeffrey R

In a related development, Milwaukee Police have concluded the internal investigation into the videotaped arrest of Mr. Strasser. MPD conducted a full investigation despite the fact that no citizen complaint was ever filed regarding the arrest.

The investigation into this incident concluded Officer Eric Ratzmann was justified in the use of focus strikes to the shoulder area of Mr. Strasser to overcome his resistive behaviors. This was determined after consultation with not only the Milwaukee Police Department’s own use of force experts, but also with Mr. Randy Revling, an expert instructor and training of defense and arrest tactics for Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

In Mr. Revling’s analysis, he says it is clear the officer did not impact the face or head of Mr. Strasser, but, rather, exhibited restraint when he delivered focus strikes to the shoulder area. Below is a 4-minute video of Mr. Revling’s analysis of the video:

Officer Ratzmann will receive policy training regarding the use of profanity during the incident.

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