6 years ago

District 7 Officers Nab Thieves Who Burglarized Detective’s Home

A Milwaukee Police Detective who discovered his house had been burglarized also discovered shortly after that his co-workers are second to none when it comes to solving crimes!

On August 21, on the northwest side of the city, District 7 Officer Paul Sanchez was checking on the property of several residents. While on patrol in an alley, he had observed the open service doors of several garages.¬† He knocked on the gate of one resident who was out mowing the lawn – and it turned out it was a district supervisor. Meanwhile, Officers Angela Ware and Elliot Whiteside stopped two suspects in the same¬†area immediately after the burglary at the detective’s home and arrested them.

It turns out that the two suspects are repeat burglars whose crime spree that day likely was stopped by some good District 7 police work.

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