6 years ago

District 7 Officers Bust Pot Grow Operation

On Tuesday September 9, 2012,  District 7 Police Officer Logan Jeffrey developed information about a potential marijuana grow operationin the 3900 block of N. 71st St. The District 7 Anti-Gang Unit responded to the scene and after conducting surveilance, the marijuana grow operation was observed in a yard on that block.  Officers conducted a search warrant and seized:

1. A total weight of 25,620.45 grams of marijuana or approximately 57.19lbs.

2. Two (2) loaded .22 caliber revolvers inside the residence.

 A check of the homeowner revealed he is a convicted felon. He and his wife were arrested and admitted to the marijuana grow operation. He also admitted to being the owner of the two firearms.

All the officers on the scene did a great job – they are: District 7 Police Officers Logan Jeffery, Amy Bartol, Joseph Esqueda, James Sommer, Kent Tuschl, Omarlo Phillips and Matthew Kaltenbrun, and Sgt. Charles Grimm.

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