D6 Officers Arrest Chronic Nuisance Suspect in Bay View

November 16th, 2012 by milwaukeepolice

On November 7, 2012 District 6 Milwaukee Police Officers Eric Laux and LaTanya Diedrich responded to a Strong Arm Robbery complaint near the intersection of S. KK/E. Russell Ave. Their investigation found that the suspect in this offense had taken the victim’s cell phone.

The next day, District 6 Officers Tyler Kirkvold and Kristopher Maduscha were patrolling the same general area of the Strong Arm Robbery and stopped several suspects so they could conduct multiple field interviews. Some of those suspects ran from the officers. One of the subjects who was arrested and conveyed to the District had a cell phone with him. Officer Laux who happened to be booking prisoners on this day, immediately recognized it as belonging to the victim of the Strong Arm Robbery the night before.

On November 15, District 6 Police Officer Colleen Sturma, while on patrol near BayView High School, recognized a subject who had caused a disturbance on a Milwaukee County bus days earlier. That subject was arrested and conveyed to the District. While there, Officer  Sturma also remembered that there had been a battery at the bus stop at S. KK/E. Russell Ave. to a local business employee. Officer Sturma had reviewed the video from the bus distrubance and immediately believed that this subject was also responsible for the battery. Officer Sturma questioned the prisoner, who admitted to the battery.

It should be noted that the subject involved in all these incidents was the same.

Good work by D6 officers identifying and removing an individual who was becoming a “chronic” offender, a constant problem and a nuisance in the neighborhood. This is true community policing at its finest.


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