4 years ago

Cold Car or No Car? – MPD Warns Drivers Who Leave Cars Running Unattended

With Milwaukee facing near-record low temperatures today and tomorrow, the Milwaukee Police Department is warning drivers that leaving cars running and unattended to warm them can lead to auto theft. Seven cars that were left running with the keys in the ignition were stolen this weekend. There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of losing your car to an opportunistic thief:

*STAY WITH THE CAR. It’s better to be cold for a few minutes in your car while it warms up than to be left in the cold while the thief drives it away.

*LOCK THE DOORS. Use a spare set of keys to lock the car after starting it.

*GET A REMOTE STARTER. Remote starters are the safest, and only legal way to keep your car running while unattended. With the keys out of the ignition, a thief can’t even put the car in gear.

*BUY A CLUB: Lock the steering wheel with a “Club” to discourage thieves from targeting your car.

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