6 years ago

Citizen’s Tip Leads to Arrest of Two Morgandale Neighborhood Burglars

The Milwaukee Police Department often asks members of our community to partner with us to reduce crime in their neighborhoods. Yesterday’s arrest of two burglary suspects was an excellent example this partnership in action.

When Sergeant Patrick O’Donnell stopped by a McDonald’s restaurant on Milwaukee’s south side the morning of February 19 he was stopped by a concerned citizen who told him that there were two men inside trying to sell suspected stolen property. Sergeant O’Donnell assembled Officers John Arredondo, Jose Lazo and Jeanne See from the Sixth Police District and they entered the restaurant. Upon seeing the officers the men abandoned a laptop, clothing and other items and fled out the door, only to be caught by the fleet footed Officer Arredondo and Sergeant O’Donnell. On them the officers found women’s jewelry and tools commonly used to break into homes.

At the McDonald’s the officers discovered that the men had left behind a pill bottle with a nearby address on it. Officer Arredondo quickly went to the home and discovered that someone had recently broken into it. The resident was shown the laptop and jewelry, which she identified as belonging to her.

Both of the individuals were arrested for Burglary, a Class F Felony punishable by up to 12 ½ years in prison, a $25,000 fine, or both. Both of the suspects have criminal records, including one who is on parole for Attempt Homicide of a Police Officer in Texas. The officers continue to investigate the possibility these suspects are responsible for other area burglaries.

Members of the community are reminded of the importance of reporting suspicious activity to police. These arrests are a great illustration of how our partnership with the community helps create safer neighborhoods.


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