6 years ago

Citizens Tackle Purse Snatcher

Over Labor Day weekend, a woman was at the Suds Your Duds Laundromat, 547 N 27th St. when the suspect grabbed the victim’s purse and the two of them struggled. The suspect then threw the victim down to the ground and fled.

Meanwhile, down the street there was a sidewalk sale at 2711 W Michigan St. As the suspect ran past the sidewalk sale, a witness to the strong arm robbery of the purse yelled to the people at the sidewalk sale to “stop that guy he just robbed a lady!” Two men who were working the sidewalk sale tackled the suspect and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

We frequently say police can’t do it alone and this is a great citizen cooperation story that perfectly illustrates the point. The men who tackled the suspect and the witness are all being written up for citizens’ commendations.

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