2 years ago

Chief Flynn Statement on Two-Officer Squads

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn’s July 8th order that all evening and night shift squads be staffed with two officers “for the time being” was apparently interpreted as only through the weekend and then there would be a return to the standard staffing pattern mix of one officer and two officer squads. MPD routinely dispatches two officers to all calls with a potential for violence whether they are in one squad or two vehicles. That was the case on Sunday morning. Two single officer squads were on scene when Officer Baranowski was attacked.

On Sunday, July 17th Chief Flynn issued a directive that all patrol squads will be staffed by two officers on all shifts until a better intelligence picture is developed regarding the Dallas and Baton Rouge attacks.

“It must be noted that research and experience have overwhelmingly demonstrated that officers are not made any safer in a two-officer squad. I have issued a directive out of an abundance of caution and in recognition of expressed concerns. But, as the threat picture clarifies, I must retain the flexibility to properly staff the streets and protect the city. That will necessitate a return to the Milwaukee Police Department’s historic configuration.” –Chief Edward Flynn


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