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VIDEO: Chief Flynn February 22 Press Conference and Statement on ACLU Lawsuit

The following is a statement from Chief Edward Flynn and the Milwaukee Police Department regarding the February 22 lawsuit filing by the ACLU.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn said, “The Milwaukee Police Department has never used the practice of “stop and frisk,” nor has there ever been a quota for traffic stops. However, traffic stops in high crime areas have been proven to reduce the number of non-fatal shootings, robberies, and motor vehicle thefts.  No discussion of our crime tactics is complete without reference to the hyper-victimization of disadvantaged communities of color by high rates of violent crime. But MPD considers it our moral duty to confront violence where it occurs. Towards that end, our officers take physical risks every day implementing the ethical and constitutional anti-crime strategies of the MPD.”

MPD released 2016 crime data recently that indicated 79% of homicide victims and 75% of aggravated assault victims were African American. 81% of homicide suspects and 85% of aggravated assault suspects were African American.

During the last nine years, as measured by UWM, citizen complaints have significantly declined and favorable public opinion of MPD has risen, despite the increase in proactive police activity. Among those cited by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as complainants in the suit, none of them have filed complaints with the Milwaukee Police Department or the Fire and Police Commission.


Later in the day, Chief Flynn held a press conference at the Police Administration Building.  Video of that event is below.

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