5 years ago

Chief Flynn Discusses Gun Violence on State-wide TV Program

Police Chief Edward Flynn sat down with Steve Walters from Newsmakers on Wisconsin Eye, for a 30-minute discussion on gun violence in Milwaukee and the need for change in the laws.

This conversation is a comprehensive look ¬†at the state of guns in the City. He spoke about the increase in violence in August and talked about the need for tougher laws to punish career criminals with guns. He also discussed how the 2013-15 state budget, cuts funds meant for community policing programs and for tearing down empty homes. He also shared how the Milwaukee Police Department tracks career criminals so, “we know who we should be paying attention to.”

The Chief has asked the legislature for help, but “You say firearms and people run to the left and people run to the right. They take their battle positions and all dialogue stops,” Flynn states. He asks for an adult conversation about firearms that moves beyond the sound bite, moves beyond the culture war, that moves beyond ideology to get to meaningful change

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