5 years ago

Acts of Violence Not a Game

The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a Battery that happened in the 4000 bock of W. Burleigh at about 7:40 p.m. on December 2.  The victim, a 53-year-old Milwaukee man, reports that he was walking eastbound on the sidewalk when four suspects approached him from behind.  One of the suspects hit the victim, knocking him to the ground. Once on the ground, the suspects punched the victim several times causing injury.  The suspects then fled, and the victim was conveyed to a local hospital for treatment.  There are no suspects in custody, and the motive for the attack remains under investigation.  We encourage the community to contact the Milwaukee Police Department with information regarding this crime.

Several media outlets have asked whether this attack was part of a ”Point-’em out-Knock-’em out game” and whether this is part of a trend in Milwaukee.  The phrase “Point-‘em-out-Knock-‘em-out” is being used throughout the country to describe random acts of violence committed by immature criminals.  The so-called “Point-‘em-out-Knock-‘em-out game” incidents are not a game, but are in fact crimes that can be categorized as battery and/or robbery.  

The Milwaukee Police Department regards these incidents as serious and recognizes the concern these random attacks create.  Virtually all robberies and assaults are unprovoked and the very fact that these events appear random makes them hard to prevent and hard to prepare for. 

The MPD will continue to use crime analysis and investigative follow-up to deploy our resources effectively and arrest the offenders.  We recommend that all pedestrians remain alert and aware of their surroundings at all times, as experience has shown that inattentive lone pedestrians are preferred targets of street crimes.


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